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Liang Store Handmade Jewelry (Spring 2015)

The Liang Store Handmade Jewelry shop offers not only great prices, but also a wide variety of jewelry and stones. The shop offers stud earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and study earrings that are unique and beautifully handcrafted. The Liang Store Handmade Jewelry shop also offers a host of interesting and exotic stones and gems, such as blue Danube stone, natural turquoise, Hawaii lava, and gold and silver. Additionally, there is something available for every taste-from the unique and quirky bird’s nest pendant and stud earrings to the classic “Ming Dynasty” necklace with it’s beautiful white pearls and gentle blue and white color scheme.

It’s spring and it’s the perfect time to debut statement necklaces, beautiful beaded bracelets, and quirky earrings. Now that winter is over and all the extra layers of scarves and hats are gone, it’s time to show off some new jewelry to welcome the warm weather. Liang’s handmade jewelry shops offers an eclectic and classic choice of jewelry for the coming spring, they even have bird nest pendants! The blue Danube and tiffany faux pearls are the perfect reflection of the beautiful, sunny spring skies! The tea green beaded necklace is another nod to springy nature as it reflect the natural, warm color of fresh cut grass.

If you are looking for more of a statement necklace, check out the art deco inspired Yin Ying necklace that features sleek lines and a beautiful gem stone. Additionally, the Lock n Key of Crown necklace and the Penny Black bracelet offer unique, eye-catching charms sure to be a great conversation starter and statement piece.

Whether you are looking for classic, eccentric, art deco, or an eye-catching statement piece, the Liang Store of Handmade Jewelry is bound to have something that meets your specific tastes and preferences. Additionally, each piece is completely handcrafted so you know you are not only getting a unique, beautiful piece of jewelry but one that is also perfectly handcrafted with a skilled, knowledgeable hand.