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The Liang Store Handmade Jewelry shop offers not only great prices, but also a wide variety of jewelry and stones. The shop offers stud earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and study earrings that are unique and beautifully handcrafted. The Liang Store Handmade Jewelry shop also offers a host of interesting and exotic stones and gems, such as blue Danube stone, natural turquoise, Hawaii lava, and gold and silver. Additionally, there is something available for every taste-from the unique and quirky bird’s nest pendant and stud earrings to the classic “Ming Dynasty” necklace with it’s beautiful white pearls and gentle blue and white color scheme.

It’s spring and it’s the perfect time to debut statement necklaces, beautiful beaded bracelets, and quirky earrings. Now that winter is over and all the extra layers of scarves and hats are gone, it’s time to show off some new jewelry to welcome the warm weather. Liang’s handmade jewelry shops offers an eclectic and classic choice of jewelry for the coming spring, they even have bird nest pendants! The blue Danube and tiffany faux pearls are the perfect reflection of the beautiful, sunny spring skies! The tea green beaded necklace is another nod to springy nature as it reflect the natural, warm color of fresh cut grass.

If you are looking for more of a statement necklace, check out the art deco inspired Yin Ying necklace that features sleek lines and a beautiful gem stone. Additionally, the Lock n Key of Crown necklace and the Penny Black bracelet offer unique, eye-catching charms sure to be a great conversation starter and statement piece.

Whether you are looking for classic, eccentric, art deco, or an eye-catching statement piece, the Liang Store of Handmade Jewelry is bound to have something that meets your specific tastes and preferences. Additionally, each piece is completely handcrafted so you know you are not only getting a unique, beautiful piece of jewelry but one that is also perfectly handcrafted with a skilled, knowledgeable hand.




At the Liang Health Store, we have your best intentions in mind and we know how important your health is to you and your family. One of the most popular products is the Superoxide Dismutase, also known as SOD. SOD is a revolutionary antioxidant that provides defense against oxidative stress that is completely from free radicals. An SOD supplement is extremely helpful as you age because as we get older, SOD leaves decrease. SOD supplements offer a delicious and healthy way to consume more SOD, namely through different SOD supplemented teas in a variety of flavors including lemon, Tongkat Ali, brown rice, and passion fruit. Buying through the Liang store guarantees a helpful, amazing, dynamic health store option.

But the Linag Health Store offers more than just SOD supplemented tea, we also offer a variety of dynamic, delicious supplements such as Grape Seed extract and Life Compact Bird’s Nest. Products such as Grape Seed extract work to uplift and protect your cardiovascular system, circulatory systems, and prevent degeneration.   Grape Seed Oil, and many other supplements available at the Linag Health Store, has antioxidant properties, which work to protect cardiovascular, and circulatory systems.  Life Compact Bird’s Nest is a more unique product that is only offered through select health stores. According to Eastern medical theory, Bird’s Nest is known to strengthen the lungs, skin and youthfulness. It also works to boost the immune system and works to slow down the effects of the aging process.

The Liang Health Store offers a wide variety of natural, dynamic, and beneficial products for your health. Each product is hand selected and reviewed to make sure it is the best product to improve and aid your healthy lifestyle!

15 Feb 15


The Liang Store eBook shop isn’t just a place to buy great eBooks, but also a place to improve yourself. There has been amazing, proven research in regards to the benefit of reading self-development and self-help books. Reading provides intellectual statement in and of itself, but reading self help books and self improvement books gives the added intellectual service of learning a skill that can be applicable to various parts of your life.

The Liang Store for eBooks offers a wide variety of skill-building eBooks that can service a variety of needs and skillsets. One of the most popular sections focuses on Internet business and marketing tips & tricks. Getting into an internet-based business is a dynamic and lucrative field to enter into, however it is more nuanced than many people realize. In order to be as proactive and successful as possible, reading and learning about the market, business, and learning more and more tips & tricks can guarantee your preparedness and success for your future Internet business!

Reading and utilizing eBooks is exceptionally proactive. EBooks can be taken anywhere with the aid of an eReader or even a cellphone or laptop. There are numerous of reasons to utilize eBooks over traditional, paper-based books. Ebooks can be delivered almost instantaneously, meaning you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to read, learn, and hone your skills. Additionally, eBooks are searchable, meaning you can easily search for any information you need instantly-even if you can’t remember the page number or chapter. EBooks are extremely convenient and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Utilizing an eBook to create your Internet business, learn new skills, and keep your intelligence sharply in tact.

 31 Jan 2015




The Liang Store Deals offer an amazing, organized way to find and purchase discounted items that are perfect for you and your lifestyle. The Liang Store offers many solutions for daily travel and lifestyle needs. Some of the most dynamic-based products the Liang Store Deal offers is a dual slim bag organizer, a Koren chic shoulder bag, a travel perfume atomizer, borosilicate glass drinking bottle, and gorgeous Korean style tote bags. Any and all of these products would make for great additions to the products you keep and use on your daily commutes. The Borosilicate Glass Healthy Drinking Bottle is particularly discounted, 67% to be specific, which allows you to carry water, tea, smoothies, juices and more without worrying about any spills! Additionally, the Korean Style lady tote handbags are gorgeous leather bags that are heavily discounted and are available in a large variety of colors. This bag is the perfect size for travel, it is large enough to fit all your essentials while still being stylish.

The Liang Store is a great place to find gifts for your loved ones, or for yourself! If you are looking for electronics at deeply discounted prices, check out the home IP camera and the various cameras and car phone mounts that the Liang Store offers. These electronics and electronic accessories would make an amazing addition for any tech-lover’s collection. Or, if you are looking for something more indulgent, check out the Eye Health Massager for the ultimate mini-relaxation treatment.

Whether you are looking for practical products, or gifts for yourselves and loved ones, the Liang Discount Shop is the perfect place to begin looking! Not only are the products offered amazing quality, but the deeply discounted prices also offer another benefit to your shopping experience.

31 Dec 2014



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7 Aug 14


Amended logos for consideration!

5 Aug 2014



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5- Aug 14


Added Liang Store Languages: Learn Japanese Online to be handled by Andrea!


3 Aug 2014




Completed the first draft of our promotional flyer. Have to thread carefully as marketing is a different kettle of fish and can be a lot of money wasted if not done properly.

1 Aug 2014


Added Amway products to the e-commerce beta stable. This will have a password restriction as it is a members’ only shopping cart.

14 Jul 2014


Bargain deal e-commerce section is set up.

30 Jun 2014


Life Compact has agreed to let us carry their Health Supplements online so the beta of Liang Store Heath Supplements e-commerce section is up.

20 Jun 2014



The beta version of the e-commerce section  for Self-Help ebooks is up and continually being tested.

Find all shop listings under http:\\\shops .

1 Jun 2014


The Online Mall affiliate link to Qoo10 is set up and continually tested. Suzie’s  Handmade Jewellry e-commerce section with the first batch of design also up!  Find the shop listings under http:\\\shops. Congrats!

19 May 2014


Hi All

These are exciting new times ahead for us! We registered Liang Store as a company & bought the domain

Finally, ACE team is constructing our own e-commerce site, Liang Store!
Please browse and patronise. Any questions, comments, kindly use the Contact Form on your right!

We are currently lined up the following to be delivered over Q2-Q3 of Year 2014:

– Liang Store Online Mall Link: Singapore Bargains!

– Liang Store Self-Help eBooks;

– Liang Store Handmade Jewellery…. more to come.

Updated by Liang Store Admin, 1 May 2014