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Email Marketing Tips for Your Business

Email marketing remains one of the leading ways to grow your customer base. You first bring visitors on board because you offer them something they are interested in and then you can sell them something. What makes email marketing so powerful is that you can continue to sell them different items that are relevant over and over. Building your customer database through email marketing is building yourself a repeating income. Here are some tips, get more from the eBook!

1. Make subscribing easy
2. Let your subscribers know what they can expect from you – Give them all the information you can on your sign up sheet, and even let them choose what they’d like to receive.
3. Send out an email to welcome your subscribers – Make the client feel good, and it reminds them why they are on the list. You can let them know that there’s good things to come and even give new subscribers a special offer.
4. Make sure your newsletter fits your brand – Match the look and feel of your brand. Customize it with your company colors and include your logo. Creating consistency creates familiarity.
5. Send subscribers the type of content that they want!

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Making Your Email Marketing Campaign Effective

Email marketing is one of the hottest ways to generate new customers. Here are some tips:

#1 Give Them What They Want
The number one rule for email marketing to be successful is to give them what they want. If they sign up for an email newsletter than offer them options about the type of newsletter they’ll get. You can create different groups and have them check a box to join a certain group. If you are having sale you could send the information only to those with zip coded that was close enough to come into the store and not bother the rest of your subscribers that live half a world away. Bottom line – always send relevant content and you can’t go wrong.

#2 Edit Then Edit Again
One of the biggest mistakes made is to create the newsletter or other material and send it out. Once it’s gone there’s no bringing it back. What so many don’t realize is that grammar and your style are as important in your email content as it is on your blog or your website. Before you hit the send button edit and then edit again, to make sure there are no grammar mistakes and that your message flows.

#3 Create a Publishing Calendar
Nothing will have your subscribers’ loose interest faster than irregularity. If you send out a message and then don’t send anything for months, they’ll forget about you. They’ll not bother to read your next message, worse unsubscribe, or mark it as spam. So create a publishing calendar that outlines when you’ll send out your message, what your email message will be, and what your message will look like.

#4 Test
Mobile devices and different email clients receive emails differently. For that reason, you should send out a test email to different devices to make sure that it appears correctly on the screen.

#5 Know and Understand Spam Rules
Many people send out what would be considered spam because they simply don’t know that they’ve broken the rules. Read the Can-Spam act and you will be able to avoid getting yourself into trouble. You are only allowed to send out bulk emails to anyone who asks to receive that email. If you collected email addresses through correspondence but no one asked to have anything sent then you are spamming them.

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